PRODUCE and DISTRIBUTE quality media content for theatrical, video/DVD and online release.

PRODUCE innovative multi-media and theatrical works that explore new forms of theatrical experience.

PROVIDE online resources so that filmmakers can research and purchase filmmaking-related products.

REPRESENT producers and filmmakers so that they can effectively market and sell their media projects to buyers.

PIONEER new forms of entertainment that use the interactive nature of the Web effectively and in an entertaining fashion.

FACILITATE a more democratic means of determining what films are available for the marketplace, understanding that film audiences have diverse tastes and will want both traditional Hollywood fare and alternative, niche-oriented entertainment.

SUPPORT young, undiscovered filmmakers in a proactive way that emphasizes their unique voice as an artist over and above the need to address any pre-conceived idea of marketability.

"The digital revolution in media continues," says nextPix President Don Thompson. "We want to be a part of that revolution in a positive way, helping filmmakers realize their dreams and being supportive of artists who provide a humanistic and compassionate message through their work."

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