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[Washington DC, February 24, 2008] nextPix, a film/media production company, announced today the winners of its 2007 firstPix grant.
The firstPix program offers filmmakers up to 5K in post-production funding, and two documentary films were selected this year.

The two films are THE LISTENING PROJECT (prod. Han Shan, dirs. Joel Weber & Dominic Howes) and CHESHIRE, OHIO: A STORY OF POWER (dir. Eve Morgenstern). According to nextPix president Don Thompson,"These films deal with some of the most important issues of the day: America's place in the world and the relationship between communities, corporations and the environment in the age of climate change. We know these two films will inform and inspire people for years to come."

A beautifully crafted and executed film, THE LISTENING PROJECT chronicles the journey of four individuals as they travel the world over to get an illuminating perspective as to what various cultures think America has become, and what they think it should be. In often emotional and stirring encounters, the interviews reveal the depth of passion that both America itself -- as well as the idea of America -- evokes in people around the world.

CHESHIRE, OHIO: A STORY OF POWER details the incredible story of how an entire small town in Appalachia was bought out by corporate interests and subsequently destroyed in an attempt to avoid larger, environmentally-related lawsuits. This story of money, power, community, corporate dominance of American life, and the intrinsic wisdom of common people puts on display the very deep moral questions facing Americans, and the world, as we confront increasingly difficult choices surrounding the environment.

Now in its eighth year, the firstPix program has supported a diverse mix of projects, ranging from narrative features to documentaries. The 2004 selection, THE TRIALS OF DARRYL HUNT (dirs. Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern) went on to be accepted at Sundance Film Festival in the documentary competition, and was subsequently distributed by HBO. A 2005 selection, TIBET IN SONG, was a Sundance Documentary Lab selection and has gone on to become a nextPix co-production.

Founded in 2001, nextPix was conceived as a production company that would focus on "humanistic" media that would promote and produce films and filmmakers with an alternative vision to Hollywood. The company has also produced or co-produced two feature films and one documentary, and is developing the narrative feature film THE MESSENGER, due for release in 2009. For more information about nextPix, please email