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[Washington DC, December 21, 2003] nextPix, a film/media production and services company, announced today the winners for its 2003 "firstPix" grant program. The firstPix program offers filmmakers up to 5K in post-production funding, and two documentary films were selected this year.

The two films are EVERYWHERE BUT FLORIDA: THREE REFLECTIONS ON ELECTION 2000 (dir. Matthew Kohn) and FADING LIGHT (dirs. Ian Ross and Kathryn Barnier). According to nextPix president Don Thompson,"Both of these films reflect what we believe are the best qualities in documentary filmmaking -- courage, insight and an overarching belief that films can and must address deeper human concerns, whether personal or social."

A film of particular passion and ambition, EVERYWHERE BUT FLORIDA describes what many consider to be the travesty of the 2000 vote count in Florida leading to the election of George W. Bush. Directed by Matthew Kohn, the film features interviews with Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi, and investigative journalist Greg Palast, among others. Involving 40 filmmakers in 20 states, EVERYWHERE BUT FLORIDA is unique, grass-roots democratic cinema that harnesses power of the Internet and digital collaboration in a revolutionary new way.

FADING LIGHT documents the life of Sophie Morel, a young attorney who is slowly losing her sight. A film of singular beauty and sensitivity, FADING LIGHT shows how Sophie's courage and determination enables her to overcome numerous obstacles. Directed and produced by Ian Ross and Kathryn Barnier, the film poignantly reveals how life is ultimately ephemeral in both its triumphs and tragedies.

Now in its third year, the firstPix program has supported a diverse mix of projects, ranging from narrative features to documentaries. The 2001 selection, SINGING THE BONES (dir. Gordon Halloran) went on to be accepted at the Montreal World Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival, and was subsequently independently distributed on an international basis. The firstPix grant helped Halloran to take his feature DV on its festival tour and publicize the project effectively.

Last year saw the firstPix grant awarded for the first time to a documentary: SWEAT: A STORY OF SOLIDARITY. SWEAT chronicles the journey of Jim Keady and Leslie Kretzu as they uncover the story behind the profits generated by the sweat of Nike factory workers. Through the lens of their experiences, the film exposes the injustices of Nike's labor practices in Indonesia, and how Nike's unfair business decisions have a profound effect on human lives. The film shows that with the right mix of faith, conviction, and dedication, ordinary people can change the world.

nextPix was founded in 2000 and has produced, co-produced and provided finishing funds to both film and digital video projects. The company has also been on the forefront of promoting new digital video production techniques and using the Internet as an effective filmmaker resource. For more information about nextPix, please email