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CLOUDS (2000)

Don Thompson's award-winning feature film, now available on DVD.

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In THE GOD OF THIS WORLD a divorced New York City lawyer tries to convince his unemployed blogger daughter that her affair with an extraterrestrial is a fantasy. In tandem, the daughter's yoga-loving, poly-amorous friend meets a Harvard physicist and test the bounds of left and right brain compatibility. The result is both heady and hilarious. THE GOD OF THIS WORLD was originally produced at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre's METLab Festival of New Plays, 2015.

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Paperback version of Don Thompson's ground breaking play about what Tibet means in a modern context.

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A World Without War (2012)

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is a compilation of Don Thompson's essays written since 2000 for nextPix, The Potomac Journal, SolPix Webzine and Solpix Blog. With a combination of wit, compassion and insight, Thompson leads you through a series of ideas drawn from philosophy, the arts, new media, business, and technology -- all weaved into a cultural critique whose basic premise is that we need to shape a different world, a better world, A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

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Ngawang Choephel's powerful and moving documentary depicting the struggle of Tibetans to maintain their culture under Chinese rule. Winner of numerous awards, including a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the International Human Rights Film Award from Cinema for Peace. Co-produced by Don Thompson, co-funding provided by nextPix.

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YOUR LIFE IS A MOVIE -- Alternative Visions of Film, Media and Culture: The Best of SolPix, 2002-2005

From the back cover:
Your Life Is A Movie contains some of the most provocative thinking about media, film and culture you’re likely to encounter anytime soon. Drawn from scholars, political pundits, filmmakers and film critics--ranging from the famous to the relatively obscure--this anthology of interviews and essays covers a wide range of topics and issues and is a must read for anyone concerned about the direction of film and media in modern culture. Thought provoking and often controversial, Your Life Is A Movie is the kind of book that can change your view of the world.

Your Life Is A Movie is a compilation of essays and interviews from SolPix – the film and media webzine published by the WebDelSol literary complex.

Eric Alterman, Ray Carney, Patricia Ducey, Timothy Dugdale, Shelley Friedman, Todd Gitlin, T.B. Meek, Kayoko Mitsumatsu, Rob Nilsson, Michael Neff, Nicholas Rombes, Mike Shen, Don Thompson

Don Thompson and Nicholas Rombes

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