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How the friendship between a filmmaker and a refugee is connected to all the major events of the 21st century. An introspection into the topics of human migration, inequality, and climate change, taking place all across the planet. Director/Producer Andrés Bronnimann. Executive Producer Don Thompson; co-funding provided by nextPix.

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During the Vietnam War, the US bombed Laos more heavily than any other country had been bombed before. Spanning over three presidential terms, it was the largest covert CIA operation in US history. Today, the Laos people live among, and risk their lives to clear, over 80 million unexploded bombs on their doorsteps. With great beauty and empathy, this documentary reveals the unbelievable stories of the men and women at the forefront of this monumental task. Executive Producer Don Thompson; co-funding provided by nextPix.

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NED RIFLE (2015)

NED RIFLE is the thrilling conclusion to Hal Hartley's HENRY FOOL trilogy. Considered by many critics to be Hartley's best work since HENRY FOOL, NED RIFLE is a funny, sad and compassionate look at the dysfunctional Grim Family. Produced by Possible Films. Executive producer Don Thompson; co-funding provided by nextPix.

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When a Tibetan refugee dies from a terminal illness, his last wish to set foot on his native soil remains unfulfilled... until his son, Tenzing Rigdol, a New York-based artist, embarks on an unthinkable journey to reunite Tibetans in exile with their land through a courageous and imaginative art project. Produced by Five by Nine Films. Associate producers Diana Takata and Don Thompson.

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Ngawang Choephel's powerful and moving documentary depicting the struggle of Tibetans to maintain their culture under Chinese rule. Winner of numerous awards, including a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and the International Human Rights Film Award from Cinema for Peace. Produced by Guge Productions. Co-produced by Don Thompson; co-funding provided by nextPix.

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CLOUDS (2000)

Don Thompson's poetic and spiritual feature film about a physicist's quixotic search for meaning. CLOUDS pre-dated many later films that dealt with similar themes. Winner of awards and special recognition at six film festivals. Produced, written and directed by Don Thompson. Co-produced by Will Arntz, producer/director of the WHAT THE BLEEP films.

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9@NIGHT FILMS (2000-2007)

Human cinema at its greatest, Rob Nilsson's decade-long project to create 9 films from the human perspective. nextPix was proud to be a co-funder of SCHEME C6 of the 9@Night series.

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made in india


After the death of his wife, Beshay and his apprentice Shika travel on a donkey cart southwards to search for what remains of Beshay's family. They hope to find out why his father never came back for him after dropping him off at the gates of a leper colony when he was a little child.

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We Women Warriors (2012)

A documentary that follows three native women who are caught in the crossfire of Colombia's warfare and who use nonviolent resistance to defend their people's survival.

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In San Antonio, Lisa and Brian Switzer risk their savings with a Medical Tourism company promising them an affordable solution after seven years of infertility. Halfway around the world in Mumbai, 27-year-old Aasia Khan, mother of three, contracts with a fertility clinic to be implanted with the Texas couple’s embryos. MADE IN INDIA, about real people involved in international surrogacy, follows the Switzers and Aasia through every stage of the process.

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THE TRIALS OF DARRYL HUNT is a feature documentary about a brutal rape/murder case and a wrongly convicted man, Darryl Hunt, who spent nearly twenty years in prison for a crime he did not commit. Both a social justice story and a personally driven narrative, the film explores the bitter legacy of race and class in America, and its harrowing impact on a man accused. This exclusive look at one man’s loss and redemption offers a provocative and haunting examination of a community -- and a criminal justice system -- subject to racial bias and tainted by fear.

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WHAT DOES THE WORLD THINK OF AMERICA? This seemingly simple question led to a global quest for four Americans, whose thought-provoking journey through fourteen countries is documented in THE LISTENING PROJECT. Emotional encounters with dozens of diverse and fascinating characters reveal the breadth of U.S. impact on ordinary people's lives around the world.

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Unlike films which wonder “why,” CALL IT DEMOCRACY presents historical and non-partisan analysis of both the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections and tells amazing stories such as the 1960 Kennedy v. Nixon recounts, the attempts by Segregationist Third Party Candidate George Wallace to manipulate the Electoral College in 1968, and President Ford’s consideration about whether he should overturn the election results in close states.  Those and other elections prior to the 20th century show that “one man one vote” is not always a guarantee if the other party is in power.

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Paperback version of Don Thompson's ground breaking play about what Tibet means in a modern context.

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In THE GOD OF THIS WORLD a divorced New York City lawyer tries to convince his unemployed blogger daughter that her affair with an extraterrestrial is a fantasy. In tandem, the daughter's yoga-loving, poly-amorous friend meets a Harvard physicist and tests the bounds of left and right brain compatibility. The result is both heady and hilarious. THE GOD OF THIS WORLD was originally produced at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre's METLab Festival of New Plays, 2015.

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A World Without War (2012)

A WORLD WITHOUT WAR is a compilation of Don Thompson's essays written since 2000 for nextPix, The Potomac Journal, SolPix Webzine and Solpix Blog. With a combination of wit, compassion and insight, Thompson leads you through a series of ideas drawn from philosophy, the arts, new media, business, and technology -- all weaved into a cultural critique whose basic premise is that we need to shape a different world, a better world, A WORLD WITHOUT WAR.

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YOUR LIFE IS A MOVIE -- Alternative Visions of Film, Media and Culture: The Best of SolPix

From the back cover:
Your Life Is A Movie contains some of the most provocative thinking about media, film and culture you’re likely to encounter anytime soon. Drawn from scholars, political pundits, filmmakers and film critics--ranging from the famous to the relatively obscure--this anthology of interviews and essays covers a wide range of topics and issues and is a must read for anyone concerned about the direction of film and media in modern culture. Thought provoking and often controversial, Your Life Is A Movie is the kind of book that can change your view of the world.

Your Life Is A Movie is a compilation of essays and interviews from SolPix – the film and media webzine published by the WebDelSol literary complex.

Eric Alterman, Ray Carney, Patricia Ducey, Timothy Dugdale, Shelley Friedman, Todd Gitlin, T.B. Meek, Kayoko Mitsumatsu, Rob Nilsson, Michael Neff, Nicholas Rombes, Mike Shen, Don Thompson

Don Thompson and Nicholas Rombes

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