nextPix is involved in several narrative feature and documentary film projects, described below. For production companies and producers seeking collaborations, please email




MEDEA SOUTH CAROLINA (produced by nextPix)

A distraught female Iraq vet, dishonorably discharged after being raped and accused of sexual misconduct, seeks an impossible justice against her former commanding officer and lover.

Genre: Action Drama

Status: Currently in development





MESSAGE TO SHIGATSE (produced by nextPix)

A BBC journalist works secretly with the Dalai Lama to outwit the Chinese government in the selection of Tibet’s 2nd most revered spiritual figure, the Panchen Lama. Based on true events.

Genre: Suspense Drama

Status: Currently in development

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THE GOD OF THIS WORLD (produced by nextPix)

A New York City lawyer tries to convince his unemployed blogger daughter that her affair with an extra-terrestrial is a fantasy. Mayhem results.

Genre: Comedy

Status film
: Currently in development

Status play: Stream entire play or watch trailer on Vimeo On Demand




Tear of Valour

SEARCH (produced by Clear Mirror Pictures in association with nextPix)

A journalist is assigned to document the history of the 14 successive Dalai Lamas. Initially skeptical, he ultimately finds that documenting the history of ancient Tibetan culture becomes a search for himself.

Genre: Docu-Fiction

Status: In Development

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Tear of Valour

RECOVERING IRMA (produced by Georgie Girl Pictures with co-funding and support from nextPix)

The powerful and moving story of one family's journey to stop the cycle of domestic violence. RECOVERING IRMA was also a 2013 firstPix selection.

Genre: Documentary

Status: In Production

RECOVERING IRMA was a recipient of the 2013 Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program grant

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Tear of Valour

NED RIFLE (produced by Possible Films with co-funding by nextPix)

Hal Hartley's tragi-comic third film in his HENRY FOOL trilogy. A delightfully offbeat depiction of one of America's most beloved dysfunctional families.

Status: Completed

NED RIFLE will World Premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

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TIBET IN SONG (produced by Guge Productions with co-funding and support from nextPix)

Directed by Ngawang Choephel, a former Tibetan political prisoner inside Chinese occupied Tibet, this documentary depicts the ongoing struggle of Tibetans to maintain their cultural identity through music. The film features footage miraculously saved prior to 1995 when Ngawang was arrested, as well as new material shot recently in Tibet, the US and India. TIBET IN SONG was also a firstPix selection.

Status: Completed

TIBET IN SONG was selected for the 2009 Sundance
Film Festival - Winner, Sundance Special Jury Prize, World Cinema Documentary - Winner, International Human Rights Film Award, Cinema for Peace
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SCHEME C6 (produced by NINE @ NIGHT with co-funding and support from nextPix)

Rob Nilsson's taut character piece about two lovers who drift tragically into each other's lives.

Completed. The U.S. festival premiere occurred at the Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct 4-14, 2001.
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SINGING THE BONES (produced by Fat Salmon Cinema in association with nextPix)

Based on the acclaimed play by Gordon Halloran and Caitlin Hicks, SINGING THE BONES is the first nextPix "firstPix" project. Hicks plays 3 different characters in this gripping drama about the wonder of birth -- both physical and spiritual.

Status: Completed. The Festival Premiere for SINGING THE BONES occurred at the Montreal World Film Festival, August 23-September 3, 2001.
The U.S. festival premiere occurred at the Mill Valley Film Festival, Oct 4-14, 2001.
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CLOUDS (produced by Pacific Grove Productions in association with nextPix)

Don Thompson's award-winning feature film debut about a physics professor and his quest for love and reconciliation.

Status: Completed. CLOUDS opened theatrically in September 2000 (limited)
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