Fequently Asked Questions


Q: We have not yet started our crowd funding campaign. Should we apply?

A: Please wait until your crowd funding campaign has started, then submit your film for consideration.

Q: You indicate you reply in 30 days. What if our campaign is shorter than that or it is in progress?

A: Please indicate in your submission that your deadline is less than 30 days or that the campaign is in progress.

Q: Do you accept proposals for projects other than feature narrative or documentary films? Do you consider shorts?

A: We only consider projects that are feature films (documentary, narrative or animation) that are at least one hour in length (1/2 hour for animation). We don't consider shorts for funding.

Q: Do you accept a submission after the crowd funding campaign is complete?

A: Yes we'll accept a submission for a campaign that is completed -- we generally like to see that the campaign was fully funded within the past 12 months, but will consider if you were at least 50% funded and were allowed to receive whatever funds were pledged. Please describe your current funding goals in the submission.

Q: Can you accept a film from a director who has completed more than two films? If it is the first or second project of the producer does that meet the criteria?

A: The program is designed to fund films only by those directors who are completing their first or second film (if there is more than one director they should all meet the criteria). A producer's first or second film does not meet the criteria.

Q: If we aren't sure if we meet your exact criteria for 'humanitarian' should we submit the film?

A: If you believe your film has aspects to it that are humanitarian or humanistic in content, feel free to submit -- you just need to briefly explain in the submission how you feel your film meets the criteria.

Q: We don't plan to have a crowdfunding campaign, but can accept donations through our website or would like a traditional grant. Should we apply?

A: While we plan to shift to crowdfunding as our primary focus, if you accept donations through your website and/or are seeking a traditional grant, feel free to contact us, letting us know your current fundraising status.

Q: Do you fund films made outside of the USA?

A: Yes, we fund projects worldwide.

If you have any additional questions please include them in your submission. Thank you!