The Rob Nilsson Parallel Project will involve the use of revolutionary production techniques developed by nextPix in conjunction with award-winning director Rob Nilsson.

For this project, Nilsson will shoot three films simultaneously in a parallel production. These three films are among a series of nine films developed for his "Nine at Night" digital video film project. The parallel production will involve use of the following:

  • Multiple digital video cameras
  • A "Location Cube" - a control room (either mobile or stationary) where the director can monitor several scenes from separate films being shot remotely and simultaneously
  • Wireless technology used to communicate between the remote locations and the location cube

The "Location Cube" is Web-based software and hardware developed/integrated by nextPix and beta tested by the director.

Nilsson is a pioneer in video and digital video, and is the first director to win both the Camera D'Or at Cannes and the Grand Prize at Sundance. Nilsson brainstormed the idea for the parallel production technique with the nextPix research and development team, and feels it is a production "tour de force." See an interview below with Rob regarding this project and his vision for digital video.

Rob Nilsson Interview - Part 1

Rob Nilsson Interview - Part 2