Iranian director Asghar Farhadi's 2012 Academy Awards acceptance speech sums up why 'humanistic' films are important. Read more here.



Don Thompson's film 'Clouds' speaks to the heart of the current debate regarding the Higgs boson (AKA 'God' particle). Find out more here.



"Inspiration of the film Agora, Hypatia remained true to her philosophy even as her world crumbled around her. Bearer of the light, she lives on in those of us to wish to keep the flame of reason and truth alive."

A poem to Hypatia is here.



"I can see a communications revolution that's about art and music and digital electronics and satellites but, above all, about human talent. And it's going to make the masters of the cinema believe things that they would have thought were impossible." - Francis Ford Coppola, from his presentation of the 1978 Best Director Oscar to Michael Cimino



"I've got a satellite TV. I've got forty, fifty movies a night but there is still nothing to watch. It's the same old thing. I've seen it a thousand times. I feel that more outlets for the more fragmented cinema is the way. It's really great to get to see films from different ethnic groups in America. It's great to see films from totally different aspects than what is being created in Hollywood. If the younger people want to say something now with film, they're going to just do it. Even if its video to 8mm to video 8 to 16mm to 35mm. Sometimes I see a film on cable at 1am in the morning and I say that's interesting. I want to write that one down. Yeah, who's the person that made that? It's really amazing. The more outlets for film the better. It gives more films a chance to be shown." - Martin Scorsese