nextPix produces and distributes quality media content across a variety of traditional and online platforms. We also promote new filmmakers through our firstPix grant program, and comment on media and cultural trends through our affiliate webzines and blogs.

In addition, our consulting and production services address the needs of the corporate and entertainment communities, and include web design and development, corporate digital video production, data visualization consulting and media consulting.

We are in a time of profound change in the media. Economic, technological and social trends are moving us toward new types of media delivered in new ways. The advent of broadband and digital video technologies -- including low cost cameras, editing solutions, and web-based production and distribution platforms -- will continue to revolutionize the way films and media are produced and distributed. In our ever more fragmented, niche-driven media world, the monolithic voice of the 'mainstream media' is sharing mindshare with the Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook.

Where is this taking us? In our view, toward more choice and more awareness. Eventually this choice and awareness will completely change the world, if it hasn't already. In our view, this new world must and can be more humane then what we left behind. For this reason we support and produce humanistic media.

nextPix is committed to being a leader in this ongoing media revolution. We believe that this revolution will both take us back to the humanistic masters of the past, as well as forward to new technologies and a more sustainable culture. We believe media is an important component in our collective future, and should at its core reflect human values that respect the dignity of all.

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