A.B. Shawky wins prestigious Variety/MENA award

September 19, 2018

A.B. Shawky to win the 'Talent of the Year' award from Variety/MENA for his debut feature film 'Yomeddine'. The film is also Egypt's nominee for the Best Foreign Language Academy Award.

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'Solace' to premiere at Los Angeles Film Festival

August 21, 2018

Tchaiko Omawale's 'Solace' (a nextPix/firstPix selection) will premiere in the 'LA Muse' section of the LA Film Festival.

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'Yomeddine' wins prize at 2018 Cannes Film Festival

May 21, 2018

'Yomeddine', the debut feature film of director A.B. Shawky, wins the prestigious Francois Chalais Prize. The film was a nextPix/firstPix selection.

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'Yomeddine' selected for 2018 Cannes Festival in Competition

April 12, 2018

A.B. Shawky's debut feature film 'Yomeddine' will world premiere at Cannes in competition for the Palm d'Or. The film was a nextPix/firstPix selection.

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'Railway Children' wins award at the Indian National Film Awards

April 8, 2017

Lead actor Manohara K, who plays Jollu, won for Best Child Artist at the highly competitive Indian National Film Awards.

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'The God of This World' included in ITN's 'Plays and Playwrights 2017' anthology

Dec 5, 2016

Don Thompson's 'The God of This World' is recognized by Indie Theater Now as one of the most "interesting, innovative, challenging and pertinent" plays of the past year -- one of 12 new plays included in ITN's 'Plays and Playwrights 2017' anthology.

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'Solace' to receive post-production funding from Women in Film

November 23, 2016

Tchaiko Omawale's 'Solace' (a nextPix/firstPix selection) was among the films selected by Women in Film for finishing fund grants.

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'Recovering Irma' receives Sundance Institute production grant

Oct 31, 2016

'Recovering Irma' will receive production funding from the Sundance Institute as part of over $1million in grants.

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Mumbai Film Festival announces 2016 lineup

Sept 30, 2016

'Railway Children' will have its World Premiere at the MAMI 2016 India GOLD section - find out more about the festival lineup below.

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DC Theatre Scene interviews Don Thompson about 'The God of This World'

July 9, 2015

Thompson describes the evolution of his new play 'The God of This World'.

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Gene' Fouche' talks about the METLab Festival of New Plays, including 'The God of This World', on COMCAST/NBC's Newsmakers

June 4, 2015

Gene' describes what's happening at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre and how summer 2015 will see the company showcasing a series of new plays.

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Aubrey Plaza talks 'Ned Rifle' on NBC's Today Show

March 26, 2015

Aubrey Plaza talks up 'Ned Rifle' in her own unique way on the Today Show.

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'Ned Rifle' to have Spring 2015 release

December 3, 2014

'Ned Rifle' to see a 5-city theatrical plus VOD release.

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'Ned Rifle' to World Premiere at 2014 TIFF

July 22, 2014

Hal Hartley's conclusion to his 'Henry Fool' trilogy to world premiere in Toronto.

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FirstPost/Feather Project - Don Thompson talks about the film 'Message to Shigatse'

September 26, 2012

Don Thompson discusses MTS, the Panchen Lama issue and its significance to China.

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The Hollywood Reporter reviews Nicole Karsin's 'We Women Warriors' - a firstPix selection

August 10, 2012

THR describes this 'clear-eyed look' at how indigenous tribes struggle non-violently in Colombia amid decades of war.

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CNN describes the moving story behind firstPix selection 'Bringing Tibet Home'

October 27, 2011

CNN details the moving and powerful story of the artist behind the film.

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PBS Newshour and The Economist Film Project highlight firstPix selection 'Made In India'

August 4, 2011

PBS Newshour discusses the film and shows an extended excerpt.

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New York Times feature article re. 'Tibet in Song'

September 22, 2010

The NY Times discusses Ngawang's journey with the film and its release in theaters during the fall of 2010.

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'Tibet' to sing in theaters this Fall

July 22, 2010

Variety talks about the theatrical release for 'Tibet in Song'.

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'Documentary recalls time of radical activism'

Dec 9, 2010

Margot Pelletier is inteviewed about the documentary 'Sylvia' - firstPix selection.

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Epoch Times interviews Don Thompson about 'humanistic media'

January 22, 2010

Don Thompson discusses Humanistic Media and his response to the Shen Yun performers.

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American Public Radio interviews Ngawang Choephel about 'The Crime of Cultural Preservation'

August 9, 2008

Lu Olkowski has an in-depth discussion with Ngawang about his experiences as a Prisoner of Conscience inside China.

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BBC World interviews producer Han Shan about 'The Listening Project'

March 21, 2008

BBC World America asks 'What Does The World Think Of America?'

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Variety talks about Ngawang Choephel's 'Tibet In Song' as a Sundance Documentary Lab selection

June 14, 2007

Addie Morfoot discusses "Films Picked For Sundance Lab."

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Variety reviews 'The Trials of Darryl Hunt' after premiere at Sundance

January 24, 2006

"Advocacy Cinema at its most searingly direct..."

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Baltimore Sun features Don Thompson and his play 'Democracy: A Work In Progress'

June 30, 2005

J. Wynn Rousuck discusses "Democracy for the Fourth."

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The Washington Post features Don Thompson and his play 'Democracy: A Work In Progress'

October 12, 2004

Jane Horwitz discusses "Putting Politics in the Spotlight."

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Film Threat reports on "firstPix" grant program

July 3, 2002

Film Threat gives its usual tongue and cheek approach to the story.

Website: www.filmthreat.com

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July/August 2000, Volume 4.7 pg 50.

Make way, fat pipeline coming through! With DSL and Road Runner wiring residential NY, the race is on to create interactive programming and content. Here's a look at five Alley-based start-ups that intend to fill the void.

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