nextPix/firstPix is now assisting with Crowd funding Grants for 2017

We are now accepting applications for grants, with your crowd funding page link serving as the application. Rather than fund on a pre-determined cycle, we will accept queries from any film that is being crowd funded at any point during the year. Once we've received your query please give us 30 days to respond. Please note that unless either you or we have a question, we'll only respond if you receive a grant.

The criteria for a firstPix crowd funded project are as follows:

  • Must be the first or second feature* project of the director(s)
  • The projected budget cannot exceed $250,000.00
  • The DV/film should have a positive humanitarian message

nextPix will review your crowd funding proposal for selection based in part on the criteria that the project have a positive humanitarian message (for more on our definition of "humanitarian" see Humanistic Media). We welcome narrative feature/documentaries and animation projects of all subject matter.

nextPix will offer funding of up to 5K through the crowd funding campaign of the filmmaker's choice. nextPix will also publicize the selected project(s) through its own website and may assist filmmakers in promoting their project. We anticipate assisting between 1-3 projects a year.

If you'd like to apply for the firstPix crowd funding assistance, please email us at In the subject line put 'Crowd funding Request for [Title of film]' and provide a link to your crowd funding webpage. Also please describe briefly why you believe your film is humanitarian/humanistic in content.

Please note that we are only able to help fund a very limited number of filmmakers, and that if you do not receive a grant it has nothing to do with the value of your project. Filmmaking and the collaborative arts are very subjective. With perserverance you can succeed.

To read about previous grant winners click [here].

To read the firstPix FAQ click [here].

*At least one-hour for narrative feature/documentary, and 1/2 hour for animation